100+ Ideas for Upcycling Wine Bottles

What do you do with your wine bottles after all the fun (wine, of course!) is gone?

You could recycle them, OR you could upcycle them into new fun, stylish, and functional treasures. I created a Pinterest board to provide TONS of inspiration for upcycling/recycling all those beautiful bottles that are lying around empty. I figure you can take care of the full bottles yourself! ;)

Here are just a few ideas to get you started upcycling wine bottles into chic storage, art, lighting, garden decor and so much more…

Source: birdhousefamily.blogspot.com via Reincarnations on Pinterest














Source: cltampa.com via Danielle on Pinterest


Source: hipcycle.com via Shelly on Pinterest


Click here for more upcycling wine bottle ideas and projects, and next time you finish a bottle, remember to save it and reincarnate it into something new!  

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